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Since 2022, IRAS has partnered with MyWalk, a public benefit organisation initiated by Adcock Ingram and Netcare to produce low-cost school shoes from uncontaminated and non-hazardous recycled IV drip bags.

MyWalk is an innovative enterprise development project aimed at producing affordable and sustainable school shoes. The project utilises uncontaminated and non-hazardous recycled IV drip bags to create high-quality and durable footwear for children from underprivileged communities. The recycling of 20 drip bags equals one pair of new shoes.

This eco-friendly approach not only provides an affordable solution to the issue of inadequate school shoes but also addresses the problem of medical waste disposal. MyWalk’s unique model of upcycling waste materials for a social cause reflects the growing trend towards sustainable and socially responsible business practices. By combining entrepreneurship with social impact, MyWalk represents a valuable initiative that serves both the community and the environment.

The shoes produced require zero polishing are both durable and reliable, and currently cost only R35 per pair.

IRAS has thus far delivered 1 230 pairs of shoes to primary school learners in Hlabisa (KZN), with a commitment to donating an additional 1 200 pairs in 2023, and up to 2 000 more pairs in 2024. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every single primary school learner in Hlabisa receives a pair of new shoes, saving parents an average of R100 per child.

Once we have placed a pair of shoes on the feet of every primary school learner, we will re-assess our ability to support as many children as possible on an annual basis.

For more information about the shoes, or to purchase shoes for your own learner support programmes, please contact Delanie Bezuidenhout at


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